Fixing a Buckled Surfboard Repair

The cause of buckled Surfboard

Today was a fun day doing this buckled surfboard repair. As you see in the first photo the Lost Surfboard with Light Speed Tech. buckled and the stiff carbon caused the glass to pop of the bottom of the surfboard. As the board flexed to much the stronger carbon did not bend as much and caused the ligher fiberglass to loosen. The surfboard stringer was not broken.

After peeling the glass off I mixed epoxy resin (the surfboard is EPS foam) and filler to spread over to fill in any small holes left from pulling off cloth and to feather edges to reglass. Instead of a new carbon strip I cut a 2 inch strip of cloth to give the board a little more strength and laminated another 4oz layer of cloth. The logo was made on my cheap inkjet printer,

After waiting 24 hours for the epoxy to harden I sanded and finished the repair. The customer was happy. #surfboardrepairwilmington

3 thoughts on “Fixing a Buckled Surfboard Repair

  1. Amazing job..i bet the custome was happy with that repair. What do you charge for something like that.

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