6’2″ Twin Fin surfboard

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Here is a 6;2″ Twin Fin Surfboard shaped useing marbles Arctic foam. Glassing schedule is 4 oz bottom and 4oz/6oz top.

6 thoughts on “6’2″ Twin Fin surfboard

  1. Noticed you are using a UV box for Sun Cure. Would like info on making one. SurfBoard looks awesome

    • Sorry its taken so long to reply. I just looked around and found an old tanning bed. The top comes off separately from bottom. Built a little wood frame and it works good..Using Suncure resin (I make my own), I lam a bottom and in 10 minutes can lam top. An hour later both side are hot coated and ready to sand if I like.

    • Sorry for the long delay. I just have a problem with FCS2 on modern production boards. Any system you have to excert force to put in and especially take out can only weaken the surroundingg glass

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